Nonsensical Musing

Tick tock goes the watch,

Or so I

Have been told.

But what does the tick tock mean? It tries to resemble the

sound; but it is not the sound.

And yet we all know that

Tick Tock

Means the sound of the hands on a face.


Why is r-e-d the colour?

Red; bright and fiery, what do these letters

Mean to the colour?

Did the colour agree to be branded with such a


word; which, in itself, holds so much meaning.

And yet it is red and we know this.


And then, how does one know when

They speak to another; that it is liking they feel,

Or disliking?

What makes us know the difference

And act upon it?


These words are dust and shadow,

 They are firm and hard.

Words are everything and


To comprehend such a thing

Certainly hurts my head.

The End

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