Lunar Oracle

Heliotype collectiveness, drawn in my backwards circles,
Indigo to the sound of shifting,
I've collected these seeds on the backs of these beings,
Shadows fall, and dreamt in my kisses,
Fire, found in the semicircle pits,
Lymphatic rose, lunar oracle bleeds the very sky,
I scatter the shards,

Brooding in this storm
I have no concern for their limbs
Just stoning the ideas of ridicule,
Amassing the collections of your date rape,
and in these single storms I've moshed through embrace,
Clamping down the tongue of this decaying rainbow,
Sludge bringes my noose to the shelter,
and my only fire is beyond the charcoal that begun me,
Primorial posture, genisis bleeding,

I have only just begun,
and words mean not a thing,
expression is my oracle moon.

The End

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