Godly Alien

Make it right, you alien.

You know what einstien didn't

You manipulate us all for your own personal gain

With time. Helping and killing us like the sun

springs forth life only to give life cancerous sunburnt


The teeth of the wolf has free will. And

It remembers the taste of blood when it spots you.

In the same golden rays resides pain and pleasure.

So we walk weary, unable to speak for being god-fearing

While those that tell you to fear god speak

Unthinking about importance, truth, substance

Making up things like you to fill our own ignorance with

Something, anything, because we are too proud and idiotic to

Admit that we just don't know, that we are indeed brainless when it

Comes to what comes after. We like to pretend we know, and

Smugly validate the following sheep who cling to such sinking

Rafts. Well boy howdy, I want something better.

I suspend belief because I refuse to be scared into

Conformity. Hell, I've decided, does not exist. Whatever

Punishment awaits those disgusting souls better be handed

Out by the living or never at all. Hell,

I don't have to be scared into being a good person --

Therefore I don't need the idea of hell. It's just too sickening

and mirroring of the hell that exists on earth right before our eyes.

So before you devote yourself to fairy tales maybe you

Should spend your time doing something positive

And not just latching onto personal gain bleating with the

smug, ignorant, sheep. Maybe you could be real for a change and













We are living, for christ's sake.

The End

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