Wondering Time

Ever wonder

At what speed time travels from the present

To the future

As the past follows so incomprehensibly close in its wake?

Whatever the speed we are hurling into the future

and leaving the past in our wake

we are always inside of the capsule of the present time.

Whatever the rate, time is as infinately as small as the distance between present past and future and probably bigger than everything as well. For what escapes time?

It's faster than life itself on any planet anywhere inside of everything could ever comprehend. Or perhaps there exists a form of life that has discovered all that there is to discover and they live like gods-- manipulating the outcomes for the rest of us, including us, the lowly worm like loving and emotional people.

And even at that point of dominance in that advanced life there does exist something greater than them that has set it up to be as so.


The End

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