The Boy In The Man

I remember what it was like to




very clearly

It was exciting and promising

amazement was right around every corner

waiting to be explored, captured, studied, and learned and invitations from the swamp came calling to me and it didn't matter if I mucked up my socks or ran into puddles and soaked myself because I was just a kid

and then the teenage years sort of stole a bit of that wanting

wanting to just be me and accepted or rejected for just that

and I was accepted

and rejected

and I've won

and I've lost

And I continue to believe like that child

once did

and I reconnect with that person of my past

the past inside of my person


so often

so that I never forget

 what it was like to be truly





and the truth is...

I can be just as happy anytime I want.

I just have to get in touch with that kid

The person I was

Never faded

always residing


waiting, ready, hoping to be asked to come outside

and play.

The End

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