Yet I did Nothing

this is for those of us that have someone out there they care for...SPEAK UP dont let what happened to me happen to you

still weird knowing i had all the chance in the world to show them how i felt...yet i did nothing
Still hard waking up everyday knowing that i will forever be alone...yet i did nothing
I wondered how much i will love her as i look at her...yet i did nothing
I see her happy with someone else and it tears me up inside...yet i did nothing
I scream every night her name wondering if she would do the same...yet i do nothing
I wake up alone day by day wondering if she thinks of me...yet i did nothing
I wondered what would have been if i would have spoken up...yet i did nothing
I care so much for her that i want her to know it...yet i do nothing
She looks at me and smiles and i want to tell her i love her...yet i do nothing
We grow further apart but our bond is still strong but about to break...yet i do nothing

The End

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