To Love and To Be Loved Back

I love you more than you will ever know

Whenever I see you, a green light in my heart says 'go'

I've been like this for months and months, there's nothing new

Everyday I think about if you love me too

I know those other girls, they catch your eye

I'm so scared for that day when we both say goodbye

Living without you is a frightening thought

and I hope you never love me not

When that day comes, I'll tell myself it was for the best

and you better believe I will shed a tear none the less

But if you told me to leave and to never return, I would

If you told me to fly away I'd already be in the air if I could

So now you finally understand

There's nothing more in this world I want but to hold your hand

To love and to be loved back

I'd do anything

The End

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