Yet Another Heart Sent Into OblivionMature

Hold your breath and dry your tears 

To live through the night embrace your deepest fears 

Can you stand your reflection in the mirrors 

A funeral without sobs, only cheers 

Through the fog ive never seen so clear

Im losing everything ive held so dear

Simply because of the darkness whispering in my ear 

Engulfing my eyes 

Forget falsified goodbyes

Blind to fake sighs 

Dont you dare attempt cries 

I am drunk as i smash another bottle down 

Submerging your memory till it drowns 

So wasted i cannot form a frown

One day my name will be in lights

Nothing else will matter, not even the horrid fights

Watch yourself 'cause karma bites 


I am destruction, its a fact

My hearts barely intact 

But as the sirens call 

All our inhibitions fall 

The End

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