Yesterday's News

Yesterday’s News

You used to be a big star; you used to have it all

You used to have the spotlight all to yourself

You used to revel in the applause, stand up so proud and tall

Now you’re yesterday’s news and you’ve been put on the shelf


You used to be the voice that commanded so much respect

You used to be the expert all the experts longed to meet

You used to have a pedestal, before you became an object of neglect

Now you’re yesterday’s news; the cycle is complete


You used to think your journals would be auctioned off one day

And read by posterity, interested in knowing your inner mind

But it seems that you’re the only one left still interested in yourself today

You’re yesterday’s news; you’ve been left behind


You used to be the envy of all your friends and peers

You used to be the standard folks applied to when unsure

Lately, you’ve had a little time to get in touch with your deepest fears

You’re yesterday’s news, and for this problem there’s no cure

The End

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