Yes,Child, I KnowMature

hey yea so this is kinda just a rant.....YAY for rants! -.-

i know how it feels.

i know how it feels to be broken beyond repair,

that faltering hope that someone,somewhere

knows exactly how it feels to be you.

exactly how it feels to fall from the highest room in the tallest tower,

to be left on the blood splattered concrete your organs on the pavement nex to you,

i know,child,i know.

i know what its like to be the one always holding up the wall,

the one with the world on my shoulders,

yep,thats me.

always has been, and always will be.

im the one smiling while my heart is crying,

the one solving everyone else's problems,

healing their wounds,

drying their tears,

bandaging the broken feelings with kindness and love ,

numbing their pain with my understanding,

so yes, child, you're not alone.

yes,child, i know.

i know how they don't second guess your wisdom, 

how they dont think about how it is you know all these things you know,

they don't wonder about those scars on both your wrists,

they don't care what gets you through the night,

they just know you know about all the pains that exist and that you know how to fix them.

so child, i know.

i know how it feels to be alone.

i know how it feels to be the black sheep the one that doesnt quite fit,

the one who never wants to go home,

yes, child.

i know.

i know your pain, just as i know everyone's. 

so darling, cheer up, you're not the only one,

not the only one who drowns in the whispers,

the notes,the emails, the letters asking for help,

asking you, begging you to dig them up out of a deep well,

i know how it is,

i know how this shit goes.


you can bet your bottom dollar. i know.

The End

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