oh so lonely at 4 a.m.Mature

Do you know when you’ve tipped the iceberg;
When you’ve finally lost your head to the 2 a.m. thoughts
Because I feel insanity seeping into my bones
it’s like a sugary drink downed too fast
Energizer bunny on crack
Tasmanian devil injected with liquid heroin,
Silver angel,your halo lost somewhere in my bloodstream,
Or maybe I’m just over-thinking again,

And he’s fallen asleep again
after a night filled with love
or maybe its named lust.
I can hear him snoring in my daydreams
as I lay awake beside his body.
I feel so worthless,
a rough fuck, and a biting kiss on cold lizard skin,
and he’s gone.
No ‘i love you’ or a simple ‘goodnight’.
But I’ll wake up with a ‘good morning beautiful’;
no longer feeling beautiful at all.

I sing songs in the morning that make
the larks mourn
their lack of sleep.
I sing songs that make their hearts
burst wide open,
red on the horizon

Darling I think we’re too fucked up for this
to be love.

But still he asks, are we still the same?
Do you still love me?
And i smile and say yes love,
I want to live a life with you,
yes love
y e s love
y e s  l o v e
this is still love

(i think.)

I think
I’ll just press snooze for the
fifteenth time
and roll over and stare at your face
until I can see
if you still love me
for the soul inside,
or if you only love the body in which I
cower and hide.

The End

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