Yes; I would love to

Yes, I would love to have coffee with you

Yes; in fact, I'd be delighted to dine with you at that fancy new Italian restaurant across the road

Yes, I love your present: blue is my favourite coulour - I can't believe you actually remembered

Yes, I want to go to the theatre with you. 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' is my favourite play

Yes, I'll keep you company while your flatmates are away fro the week

Yes; I adore camping! And just the two of us? Even better

Yes, I would enjoy visiting the public gardens in London

Yes, I'll stand with you and admire the roses in that secluded corner...

Yes, you can tell me your secret: I'm flattered you'd confide in me


Yes, that's my name. I wish you knew how special the fact you remembered is.

The End

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