Years after high schoolMature

This isn't actually "mature" content.

Heavy metal girls have become Jesus freaks.

Popular kids seem to have realized they're not shit.

Many classmates are married, look old, and have children and decent jobs.

Darwinism knocked off a handful who were too immature to consume alcohol responsibly.

Skinny teenagers became fat adults.

At last a few have gone bald.


Me, I'm still 22, and I will be forever.

I am a grown-up kid, naive and wise.

I possess the youth that they all wish they still had.

I possess the freedom to go where I want to go and do what I want to do.

Some people envy my conviction to follow my dreams.

Yet I'm all alone and I don't like it anymore.

I need to be loved.

I need to share my body with one person, who needs to share her body with only me.

I need to be the best daddy ever.

But for years I've been true to a woman who does not exist, and now I deserve to get me some, just for fun.

Won't happen, though, because I stand for something.

Either that or I've just become a total loser pussy.

I'm running out of time.

The End

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