In The Dust

In the dust,
And in the sand.
I see your face and I break again.
On this flower,
And in this sea,
I feel your love; it carries me.

I remember your smile,
and cherish your voice.
I miss your heartbeat;
you’re my perfect choice.

I cry for you at night,
and yearn for you at day.
To make it simple,
you took my breath away.

I miss you,
as each day goes by.
I miss your touch,
And the way you made me fly.

You’re in a safe place now,
I know this for a fact,
but don’t you know that when you left,
my heart would never stay intact.

Every tear that I shed,
they have your name.
Staining my pillow,
I know without you; I’ll never be the same.  

Soon I will be with you,
Reunited at long last.
My love could fill oceans,
Seas that are open and vast.

Rest easy,
and slumber deep,
for here I am,
I silently weep.

The End

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