Yearning For Freedom

Everyday I yearn for freedom,
To fly like a butterfly, 
Or soar like an eagle.

Glide through the waves like a dolphin,
Be peaceful like a dove,
And swing like a monkey.

Everyday I wish to be with the clouds above,
To crash through the sea like a thunderous wave.
I want to float to the ground like a fallen leaf,
Or whisper through the air like a gentle wind.

Everyday I want to be one with the earth,
And to smile and be carefree.
I lay awake at night and dream of my coveted freedom,
Staring up at the stars with the hope to become one of them.

All day I wish to be free,
But I am bound here by a heartbeat and conscience.
I feel my soul clawing to be let out,
And my heartbeat wishing to stop.

But here I am,
Yearning to fade away.
Watching as the days pass by,
Living in deep unspirited agony.

The End

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