Yea, This is Going to Hurt Quite a BitMature

no one said that this was going to hurt like this,

and trust me kid, it hurts like a bitch,

all of these words pounding on my brain,

no one said that it was going to hurt like this.

no one said that the world would hate my truths,

no one told me they would try to lock me away,

no one ever said anything.

no one told me it would hurt like this.

my brain is a soppy mush,

poetry rushing out of splintered veins,

no one told me about these fucking growing pains,

no one ever said it would hurt like this.

no one said, "oh by the way be prepared,

this is going to hurt quite a bit,

they're gonna shun you and beat you,

and if they're intelligent, they're going to systematically ostracize you,

and then the pieces of you that survive,

they're gonna cook and fry,

and feed to their dogs,

so yea, you know, you better start getting prepared."

if someone had told me,

given me a simple heads up, maybe i wouldnt be so shitty, and fed up 

with this writing shit,

maybe just maybe, i could accept the endless criticism,

and maybe just maybe it'd wouldn't anger me that no one seems to understand  at all.

The End

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