What do you when the whole world says your wrong but you know you’re right?

Do you stand and fight?

No, I mean what’s the point right?

Nobody cares about you.

You stand alone but I don’t care go ahead and pick up your stones but

before you start to toss ‘em

I’ll give you a hand and dig a hole right behind where I stand

So when the job is done the hole is where I’ll land and

you won’t even break a sweat I bet.

Now I know this next part is a inconvenience but

you have to fill the hole with dirt.

Life’s a bitch aint it but come on your almost done

just do it its better for every one

because I’m wrong even when I’m right I’m wrong.

I’m wrong to want a voice, I’m wrong to want to be heard, I’m wrong to want respect.

Oh my God did you hear that?

What makes her think she deserves that?

We should kill her, Jump her and spill her blood til it forms a spillway.

                                                   Fuck that girl let her fade away

The End

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