No, I'm Not CryingMature

I know who this is...

No I’m not crying
No these aren’t tears
No I won’t tell you
All of my fears
No I don’t hate you
For what you have done
No I don’t care that
I was just a bit of fun
No I don’t bottle up
Emotions I’ve had
No, you leaving me
Does not make me sad
No I won’t move on
I’m not going to lie
No I won’t write things
That will make me cry
No I’ll never let you
Hurt me this way
No I don’t care
What you have to say
Yes it hurts me.
Yes this is pain.
I want to know,
What did you gain?
Why am I crying?
-Because you don’t care.
I wish you would listen
I wish I was there
I wish you could know
How much I so hurt
No I’m not ‘emo’
Just been kicked in the dirt
Yes I am bleeding
What shall I do?
No not on the outside.
I’m not as stupid as you.
You’ve caused me pain now
But on goes the show.
Do you think I’m upset?
The mask will say no.

The End

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