What Am I To You?Mature

-cough- bullshit -cough-

What is it that we have between us two?
Is our 'relationship' just something to do?
Do you love me or do you not?
Do I mean nothing or quite a lot?
Am I a lover or are you in love?
Is there another or am I enough?
Can you be happy when I am in tears?
Do you think we'll be together for years?
Am I the one who's in your dreams?
Are we together or in separate teams?
Would you shout and yell at me?
Do you even like what you see?
Do you think I'm depressive and sad?
Do I make you angry or mad?
Do you hate when I have a mood swing?
Do you wish I would stick to one thing?
Do you think that I am a slut?
Do you think I purposely strut?
Do you think I'd sleep around?
Do you think to you I'm bound?
Am I the one you've been searching for?
Or am I an affair and nothing more?
Would you marry the girl I've become?
Would you want to meet my mum?
Do you think that I love you?
Do you think to you I'm true?
Do you think for you I'd die?
Do you think I'd never lie?
Well I don't know what of that's true
But I do know I'm in love with you

The End

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