You Hurt MeMature

Exaggerating a little but still, Charlie, this is how you made me feel. ♥

If you were alone in the cold
If you were handcuffed waiting to be sold
If you were wanted for which you did not do
If you could not see the colour blue
If you could feel that something was wrong
If you forgot the words to that song
If you were unsure of where you were
If the past few years became a blur
If you hated yourself but you didn't know why
If every little thing made you want to cry
If it felt like nothing would ever go right
If happiness seemed just out of sight
If you're only friend was your worst enemy
If you were looking for that which you could not see
If you were always told you weren't good enough
If nobody thought you were 'fit' or 'buff'
If the loss of a friend was all your fault
If you suddenly ran out of that needed salt
If that thing you said had broke their heart
If they all refused to go back to the start
If maybe no one cared about you
If perhaps you weren't all they wanted to do
Then maybe you'd know what it all feels to me
And maybe their meanness would force you to see
How it feels when you say what you say
And how many people you can hurt each day.

The End

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