My Own Best FriendMature

And just like that, we're back to year... seven. -Sigh- :|

So yeah you call me a slut
And yeah you call me a slag
Sometimes you call me ugly
Tell me to wear a paper bag
You point at me and laugh
You giggle and call me fat
You blame me for everything
Generally call me a twat
Make up jokes about me
Get all your friends joining in
Tell me I should go anorexic
Maybe then I might be thin
Say that I'm worth nothing
Prove it with others jeers
Carry on against me for days
Make them hate me for years
Say that my hairs a mess
Poke fun at my name
Make me feel completely alone
Make sure I'm never the same
Stare at me until there's nothing left
Smile at tears on my cheek
Push me away again and again
Scare me so I refuse to speak
Slap my face 'cause you feel like it
Get everyone joining you
Whisper when I stare at the floor
'Cause I don't know what to do
I'll try to slip away
Or just curl into a ball
'Cause the things you say and do
Make me feel so small
And to think that all of this
All the boys' new trend
Is all because of you..
My own best friend...

The End

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