Magic Is IMature

Oh God. Look.. I was young okay, stop judging me.
This is one which I added to the word document I've just found (with all the other poems I put up today) after the others because I found a little diary thing I had when I was younger and I had written a load of poems/songs in it =] 

I believe in miracles
I believe in dreams
I believe in happiness
And fairies not making us scream
I believe in making us smile
Making us laugh and cry
‘Cause I believe in magic
Magic is I

 Dreams can make you happy
Dreams can make you sad
Dreams can come true
But that can be bad
All the dreams are there though
Shining all the time
But no dreams are nightmares
So you will be fine

 I believe in miracles...

 Happiness is true
It always makes you smile
The opposite of sadness
Better by a mile
It can be found in love
But it can go wrong
It always starts off pretty
It may not last long

 I believe in miracles...

 That is I

The End

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