What Happened To Me?Mature

This is actually a song. Not that I remember the tune except the chorus (:
Urgh. This is so bad -.- 

Each day I get home and I think
Each day I go to school and I think
Each day talking to you makes me think
Each day I always seem to think

 Each day I feel like I’m in quicksand
Some day I’m going to sink
Each day I’m like a rubber band
Snapping just before I get to think

 But How did I get too this?
What happened to all those days
When I used to laugh
I didn’t cry
It wasn’t about you and I
But now
It’s all changed

 And now you’re all I think about its true
And it seems that I just want to be with you
But days of happiness with you are few
And there is nothing that I can do

 But How..

 And all I want is to get away – now
I’ve let go’ is what I want to say – now
So let me
Just let me

 But How..
And I’ll never be the same.. now.

The End

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