I'd just called Childline in the hope they would tell me what to do about my self-harming friend. Instead of giving me advice on what to do for him they asked if I were the self-harmer and then told me I should get my friend to call... I was just like "I've tried... he won't..." and then decided that my issues weren't as big as some people's and I was just getting in the way of more important people and so I went. (I was at home)

I’m sitting here
I’m crying alone
Home is where the heart is
I want to go home.

 I’m sleeping here
I dream a nightmare
But I’m not telling anyone
‘Cause nobody’s there.

 I study here
I’m faking a smile
Its okay no one knows
But the number I dial

 I’m talking here
I know not why I cry
Sometimes it’s all too much
But I don’t get why

 I’m hanging up
The tears start again
But I’ve got no idea why
I’ll just blame it on men.

 I’m laughing now
At that small comment
With that I’ve stopped crying
Like a gift I have been sent

 I’m writing here
And letting it go
I wish I were free from all of this
I still end on a low.

The End

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