Year eight/nine

Nobody knows how I feel
Nobody seems to care
Nobody keeps it real
Step out their box? They wouldn’t dare.

People throw everything away
They think their lives suck
One day their fat, skinny next day
And in the middle I’m stuck

He wants to die
But she’s just messing
All my friends lie
But with them I’m never guessing

 They tell me it all
They break my heart
Why can’t they stand tall?
Why can’t they be smart?

 How can they not understand it’s mad?
How do they see the blade and still do it?
Do they not know it can only be bad?
So in my room I’ll just cry and sit.

 I pray for the day when they’ll know it’s wrong.
I wish that I could help them.
I want to not cry and sing happy songs.
But they still break my heart again and again.

 I hate that they hold that pain.
I hate that they resort to that.
Soon they’ll be a coffin for them to be lain.
And I’ll just stay crying where I’m sat.

Because they don’t understand
The pain they give me too
I’m supposed to hold their hand
And help to get them through
But I just don’t know what to do.
I just don’t know what to do.

The End

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