I Care.Mature

She says, breaking up with him.

He is the one who makes me laugh
And makes me smile the most
But then I get his dark side
And happiness is toast

But no matter what he says or does
There’s nothing he could do
To stop me caring about him
‘Cause my love will always shine through

He makes me feel worthless
Like there is no reason
But then he’ll just apologise
Doesn’t realise what he’s done.

He breaks my heart a million times
With just a few little words
But then I look into his eyes
The words float away like birds.

If he ever needs me
I’ll always be right here
‘Cause when we’re talking on the phone
He takes away my fear

And when he needs some back-up
I’ll just stay right beside him
Because nothing that he does
Could tip me over the brim

And when he just needs a shoulder to cry on
You know that I’ll be there
‘Cause when it all comes down to it
I just can’t help but care.

The End

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