Only YouMature

29th June 2011

Shouldn't love be more than this?
A person who I more than miss?
But then what's wrong with what this is?
We still hug and kind of kiss.
And though it feels like you're not here,
Perhaps I miss the soft of your lips.

though saying that, you're never here.
You're here but no presence is near.
And I worry, you know, my dear,
That you'll be taken by your fear
But maybe that fear is all my own
Yet I know you're weaker than you appear.

I wish there was something I could do
No matter what, this you must go through
And our love is something new
We're like best friends, I know that's true
Maybe we're better off that way.
Should we stop this? I don't have a clue.

But I love you and you love me
With you is where I wish to be
Holding each other's hands only
Us for our company
Away from all your family
A life of good memories is what I can see
With you. Only you. 

The End

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