Those Arms 'Round My WaistMature

23rd June 2011

I hold your hand but you pull away
The same routine most every day
But when we're with them you look at me
The same fake smile which they don't see
Loving eyes, arms 'round my waist
It's not the way that it should be

And what if I just want the truth?
You can't do that; you've lost your youth.
But when alone I'm nothing to you
The love, the smiles; they're never true
Those loving arms around my waist
Are fake - I don't know what to do.

And when I think I should just leave
I start to walk, you grab my sleeve
Acting like you want me to stay
Then "Do what you want" is what you say
The love kick starts, you won't let it bloom
And I'm left wondering every day.

The younger me would just let you go
Blame it on you, put on a show
I haven't changed it's who I'm with
A life with you I'd love to live
So I accept the fake of everything
Because happiness, somehow, you bring. 

The End

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