A Bit BiMature


About 3 Months Ago

Bisexual, lesbian, I’m not sure
I’m into girls or I wouldn’t be at your door..
Bisexual I guess, probably
Men’s Tee’s and jeans aren’t really me

I know I’m not blatant but nor am I fake
And I didn’t just decide when I shot awake.
I did contemplate for six months I think
Fell for a girl, can you see the link?

Now Claire I know you believe me you say,
But I’m sure you wonder every few days.
I’ve wondered about you! Don’t ask me why..
You’re as blatant a dyke as Key Lime goes to Pie :D

But hey, back to me and why they’re all wrong
I mean, I’ve been a bit gay all along.
I’ve stared at girls, rated them all
Since a few years back when I was only small!

And yeah I know, that’s not all my life
But hey, can you say how long you’ve been bi?
I can’t imagine it’s been since you were born
No girls in your past give it away, Miss Horn :L

So I think I’ll stop here, I’ve made my case
We’re not all obvious, but look at my face;
I’m in love with you, I’m not gonna lie
I’m pretty sure that makes me a bit bi ;) 

The End

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