I AmMature

About 3 Months Ago

I am a knife
Ready to strike
Dangerous and feisty
Can fill you with fright

But knives can mean safety
Protect you from harm
Striking the danger
And keeping you calm

I am a virus
Filling your veins
Fighting your blood cells
And causing you pain

But versions of me
Can protect you too
From other infections
With worse things to do

I am the parent
Saying you’re wrong
Telling you off or
Saying you’re too young

But most parents are loving
And give you a home
Normally stopping
You feeling alone

And I am the lover
Of whom you can hate
The one who you wish
You didn’t choose to date

But a lover will be there
When you need them, it’s true
And I’ll always be saying
--, I love you. 

The End

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