Perfection's QueenMature

These ones sicken me too.

More/Less Than 3 Months Ago

Perfection is a must
I say it in my speech
Everyone should find it
The words I seem to preach

But you, you don’t need it
You evade this law
Made up of perfection
I can see, not one flaw

Snow white skin truly
Pink with sunburn
Speckled with freckles
Which suit you in turn

And hair I ADORE
Naturally straight
Unlike yourself
Another perfect trait ;)

With your ginger locks
-cough- golden I mean
Though ginger on you
Would be nothing obscene

And curls in the rain
Which of course you hate
Yet you, I am certain
Never look a state.

And my gosh that smile
Which lights up the room
Can have people laughing
In times of certain doom

Even your clothing
Which I claim to dislike
Is gorgeous in proving
You’re clearly a dyke ;D

There’s no greater than you
Wishing only for happiness
Around you, it’s true

And your ‘other side’
Holds perfection still
No matter how hateful,
You’re perfectly ‘brill’

Claire, I want you to know
That nothing I’ve seen
Takes you from the throne
Of perfection’s own Queen. 

The End

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