I Love To Be Your GirlMature

A Little Less/More Than 3 Months Ago

I could write a poem which would never end
That’s what I wish to do..
Not necessarily to anyone
But probably to you.

I could write a poem verses long
Not enough to fill the world
But just enough to let you know
I’ll always be your girl

But I couldn’t write them all for you
You’d tire by the end
Perhaps turn round and say to me
“Hey, let’s just be friends” -.-

But then again at least you’d know
Along with all the world
That I’ll always try to make it so
You’ll always be my girl

I wish people would not assume
What they think is right..
They’re always wrong to be fair..
Say it all in spite.

They think that I don’t care for you
I’m not the gayest of the world
I wish they knew how much it’s true
That I love to be your girl.

And this guy who wants you so?
I hope he won’t replace..
Anything between us two
(I’ll f**king break his face -.-)

Yet if you wanted someone else
Anyone in the world
I’ll put up a fight but in the end
I guess it’s okay if I’m not your girl..

I could really write a poem
Endless verses long
But I guess I’ll end it in a sec
Although I’d love to go on

This was just to say that I love you
More than anything in the world
And the greatest thing which I could own
Would be you, as ‘my girl’ 

The End

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