Just LieMature

3 Months Ago

If you were a dolphin
I’d be the sea
You’d do what you wanted
Be wild and free

If you were crying
I’d be your tears
Touching your skin
And feeling your fears

But I’m not your sea
Nor water which flows
And all of your fears
Are things I don’t know

So hold me tight
And let me in
I’ll listen to you
You can say anything

If you were in love
I’d be your heart
Feeling your goodness
Not falling apart

But I’m not your heart
You’re too young for love
So you look to the heavens
For safety above

But hold me tight
Please let me in
I know I’m no God
But you can say anything..

But I don’t know
Why I bother to try
Because all you will do
Is continue to lie. 

The End

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