It's about what I've written on paper and the things that I was dealing with.

What'z written on the pages of this paper.
Iz how I feel 2day.

My thoughts, My emotions, My game
I have a passion 4 writing like Trey Songz "Passion, Pain, & Pleasure"

When I write, I write about Me!
You see, this iz what I wanna be

I wanna be known 4 sumthing
Not juz a gurl who has written sumthing
I want sum of the things I write 2 reach out 2 sum 1, and so they can feel my pain

You see!
What'z written on these pagez are not just about how I feel

It'z like me with me Sean Mcgee "Look Me in My Eyes and Try to Feel My Pain."
But, ha I tell you, you don't wanna feel this pain

It'z like confusion and sumtimes I wonder why, like lil Wayne said, "Why you haven't taken My Life" and it'z like I'm in a fight

What'z written on these pagez...
Well that's juz it, sumtimes I don't know why or what'z written on this pagez

All I know iz that how I feel and my emotions are on these pagez

And what'z written on these pagez iz WRITTEN 

The End

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