Road Blocks of the Mind

It is tough to write when all your ideas shrink and fizzle away as soon as you rest your fingertips lightly on the keyboard.  How frustrating the blocked mind is to a writer.  A writer has a desire to write, no, a NEED to write and the road blocks within the mind are his number one enemy.

How come these block are only there when I have a pencil in hand or a keyboard infront of me?  At night I lay awake with images dancing about in my mind, stories forming and characters demanding attention, however; as soon as I sit down to write about them they disappear into the recesses of my mind and I can't seem to coax them back out.  Sometimes they will allow me a tiny crack of insight, but my writing seems lifeless and dull.  I know I need more rounding, more character, but they ignore my coaxing and stop up the crack in their wall.  It's like my characters want to be there only for me.  They don't want other's to know them like I do.  So, how do you convince these shy characters to take that bold step forward?  To tear down these walls they have built to prevent me from coming near?  Don't they realize that they will become more 'real' if they're lives are written down on paper?  Oh what am I saying?  Of course they don't 'know' this, they are only figments of my imagination.

Perhaps that's my problem.  Maybe I have to treat these characters as if they are really and truly "real".  If they are real to me, then why can't I make them real to others?  What about settings?  Are they they truly real to me?  Can I see them as if I am standing right there experiencing them?  Can I give life to the little details such as sight, sound, smell and textures?  How can I put these images, these smells, etc into words that bring them to life?  What is the magic behind it?

Man, now I am more frustrated than when I started.  Perhaps what I need to do is to focus internally.  To take a single image and focus on it like I have never done before.  Then I should jot down every single thought, idea and description that comes to my mind and then push for some more.  After that I should expand beyond the image (just a little) and see what else I can add.  I should then keep on adding and expanding little by little.  Once I am through I should then take all the things I jotted down and see what I can do with them by combining it all together.  That sounds like a good exercise to me.  I will have to give it a try!

The End

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