From Fear to Freedom

What holds me back from writing?  What dams up the flow of words so that only a  trickle gets through?

Fear?  Fear of what? Fear of failure? Of rejection? Of humiliating myself? Why should any of that matter?  I should write just because I want to write.  To express myself in a way only I can.  My words are mine, linked together in only a way that I do.  My writing is unlike others' writing and why should that matter?  I am me and they are them and we all write differently.  So what? Get over it and move on.  I need to push the comments made by old English teachers out of my head.  What does it matter if my sentences seem to all be written backwards?  It adds character or, should I say it, flair to my writing.  It makes my work stand out.  Doesn't it?

Does my fear also stem from not wanting to tred on the toes of other's?  Am I afraid of causing hurt feelings?  Of saying the wrong thing?  Yes, I have felt all of these fears, but should they stop me from pushing ahead in my writing?  I realize there are times that I do need to watch what I say.  I should not however; analyse every word I am about to write down.  That prevents the flow and that's what I don't want.  I need my words to flow from me, to spill forth into a faced paced river of prose.  I can always go back and readjust things later.  Isn't that what good writing is all about?

Fear, get behind me.  I am going to crash through that dam you have built and I am going to free the words, ideas and stories that you have kept locked up for so long.  No more fear, I want freedom!

The End

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