Boring With a Capital "B"

Once again I am faced with a blank page and an even blanker mind. Thoughts swirl around just out of reach, making it difficult to pluck one out and solidify it. I want to write, but what do I want to write about? My life, my pugs, how cold it is??? Boring.......with a capital "B".

I guess I should start with; do I want to be creative or do I want to write a non-fiction type article? Write about what you know......I have heard that so often, but what do I really know and know well? What do I have to say that is so different from what everyone else has say? How can I make what I know seem interesting to others and even more so to myself? Once again I am plagued more with questions than with answers. I came here to write and all I do is think and ask questions of myself. Is this a way to bring possibilities to the forfront of my mind? Or am I just jabbering on to myself to make me feel like I have something to say?

A writing exercise! That is what I need. I am going to pick a topic and just write 10 min. about it.  Now, what topic should I jabber on about? Hmmmmm........... I guess I will write about one of those capital "B" topics. The one I choose is how cold it is.

The Cold

I hate the cold. I hate it with a passion. It starts at my toes and spreads like a fire through my entire body, except it isn't hot like fire, but an icy burn. My toes ache, my limbs shake and my chest tightens with the cold.

You would think that if I hate it so much I would live in a warm climate, but nooooooo...........I live in the northern country of CANADA. The land known for it's ice and snow. I was born here and I will probably die here. I have done most of those snow type events in my life such as sledding, skiing, skating, dogsledding, tobagganing, trapping, icefishing,.........The list could go on and on.

But now adays, I feel the cold so much more, right to the core of my being and I hate going out in it at all. I put off going to the post office, I don't go to town and I don't go out to visit much in the winter, if I don't really have to. I prefer to stay indoors, at my computer or doing some housework or even curlling up with a good book. Anything at all to keep me inside and warm.

The last few days haven't been nice at all. Even the snow lovers are complaining. -36 degrees Celcuis is just too cold, too cold for almost everyone it seems. Even vehicles refuse to start in this weather. I would hate to be someone who works outdoors for a living. I heard of a fellow, a couple years ago, freezing to death while at work. His trail clearing machine broke down a couple mile out in the bush and he litterly froze while walking back to the highway. What a way to die.


Oh, wow my 10 minutes are up plus a couple. Not bad. I did it. I will have to try these kind of exercises a bit more. You know, just to get those old juices running again. It has been so long since I have 'wrote' anything. This was good just to get me to put thoughts to the page and solidify something.

The End

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