Writing for Me

I have always longed to write.  I've wanted to write for me, true, but for other's as well.  I played with words, sentences and stories over many years and had positive feed back.  Then life came and punched me square in the gut and told me that writing was trivial, that I needed to be realistic and to stop being so childish.  So I put those 'trivial' writings aside.  Every once in awhile the child in me screamed to be released and I would find a pen and write a few sentences or paragraphs, but would quickly tuck them aside.  I am sad to say that many scraps of my writing have been lost forever, thrown out or burned.  I am just glad that my poetry remains and the few songs that I wrote.

I have found a voice once again and have been enjoying and experimenting with it.  I have been weaving stories, or at least parts of stories, together once again.  I am creating!  Other's may find it annoying or childish the way I am playing with my words, but to me it is exilerating.  I realize that my grammar is a major flaw I need to deal with, but that will come.  Right now I want to consentrate on word flow and getting more than just a few short words down.  I have noticed that I will begin all gung-ho and peter out very quickly, only to have written a couple of paragraphs.  It is my goal to stretch out my writing without sounding wordy or like I am trying to 'stretch it out'.  It has been so long since I have let my creative side have a chance at being open.  My creativity has been like a prisoner inside of me and I have shushed it everytime it tried to make itself know.  It's not just writing that I have shut down, but all creative projects.  I have many incomplete works of art laying around my place just begging to be finished, but laundry or dishes or some other tedious and boring thing must be done first.

Not only has my creativity not been exercised to the fullest, but my typing skills are rusty and my wrists ache after even short bursts of typing.  I guess I will have to find a squishy ball and start doing hand/wrist muscle exercises.

Once again I find I am short on words.  I will try to express myself better next time.

The End

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