Writer's Block

I wrote this over a span of around 2 weeks, so you can see the difference in the stanzas... It's not my best work, just putting it up randomly :)

A blank page,
Inviting me to unwind;
To let the ink flow;
To show the world what I am capable of.

But stagnation blocks these capabilities,
My pen, poised over the paper,
Refuses to traverse the harsh landscape,
As lines become barriers,
Paper takes the shape of mountains.

My mind is full of thoughts,
Swirling inside like agitated waters
Cooped up; a dam of questions and ideas.
I just hope that this dam
Bursts soon; it may cause destruction,
But all it will destroy
Are assumptions and limitations.

I must confess now,
That I can write no more.
I finally give up
After what seems an eternity
Of waiting;
Waiting for the ideas to flow.
But these ideas are stubborn things,
That do not work according to my will.
So I must now place my pen aside,
For I have succumbed to, I admit,
Writer's block.

The End

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