Writer's Block

It's so annoying!

I feel unfulfilled
As I stare at the page
Willing the words to come
For the sentences to form beautiful patterns
But my mind remains blank
An empty pen
With no hope of sharing it's ink

I can see how the scene plays out
I know what's next
But the storyline won't leave my fingertips
The adjectives and nouns won't come to play
The words I desperately want to relay

I hate this state
My mind wants to do something
But when I look at what's been done
Nothing will come
There's a wall in the way
The creativity won't break through
Held back in a cage

My attempts feel lame
My words aren't the same
I'm forcing myself
But the bricks cause a sharp edge
And nothing flows quite right
I give up with a sigh
No writing tonight

Not with this writers block
Annoyingly in my way

The End

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