Wretched Interpolation.

This is very very core.

 What or earth to the spine of my back,

Bend it forward, bend it back and hear crack.

Snap my eyes open, the world bright, to bright to see, too bright for me, oh the color!

Quality there is and none to fissure.

The great blue sky above has grow to green.

Sprout i dig my hands slimy from the mud below the roots.

To hold life in my hands, the subtle essence of being, the freedom of the soil, and the flight of the spirit. 

"I am with you world, in all your strength"

Cannot bare down with hammer and axe to destroy what is not ours. 

The eyes of the being widen as the polar magnets oppose the cores.

Thy body begins to rebel in opposite direction.

Filled with pain and spit for equilibrium correction. 



The wind passing for cold to hot, low, to high, and speed to speed.

The height of molecules repelling from each other as I shift my gaze into the nether of rebellion.

You cannot control was is apparently opposite, and cannot combine what is always enemy.


That would be an abomination. And the world will reject you. 

The End

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