Give me a Buck

a gojiberry white grape and peanut luck

my mouth watering with a thirsty buck

wondering the planes of nothing to become

a picture for one the death of some

hiding under barren trees

haunted by the buzz of forgotten bees



Oh how sweet the essence of those bees

finding the pure honey soul of luck

dancing with the silent barren trees

I say goodbye to my last and only buck

a sacrifice for one but life to some

letting go of the dessert they've become



I walk and dream of what has become

a world without the love of bees

peace for no-one hell for some

maybe not forever living with dying luck

stretching life's possibilities with the last found buck

hanging like a forgotten leaf on the last standing tree



as I lay here under shadowed trees

my heart wonder what will become

of worthless gold silver and even a paper buck

will they to disappear between the smog filled bees

fighting a loosing chance to return without any luck

a challenge for one the bitter end of some



the rebirth of none lurking in the lives of some

standing tall like trees

hoping to get struck by luck

to show the world what have become

of the never ending bees

appearing around every corner like a million bucks



as I sit counting my every buck

a pass-time for one a dream come true for some

I stop to listen to the buzzing bees

high up in the lushes trees

Oh what glorious day it has become

it can only get better with faithful luck



So I climb the tree of buzzing bees

giving my every buck to receive well deserved luck

of becoming the only one for some

The End

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