The Soul of Your Shoes

Down in the depths of you,

Underneath the soles of your shoes,

In every keepsake I go through:

Here lies everything you used to do.

I’ll find in this a secret strength...

Just to know who you are


I know, I know, you are

Just you.

You are strength,

And beat-up shoes.

You’re the kind or crazy things you’d do.

I pretend I know you, through and through.


The pictures, in this album I look through,

They tell me what you are,

And they say a thousand words, they do

But a thousand words cannot embody you.

Red lips, wild hair, tennis shoes

Can they capture your strength?


I wish I knew your strength

How to go through what you went through

I smile and try on your shoes

Try to feel your soul, wherever you are

But I cannot find you

What should I do?


Whatever I do

I try to be strong

I try to walk like you

Whatever I’m going through

Whoever the strongest are

I wear their shoes


Curled up now, in a closet with these shoes

I pretend that I can remember, that I do,

That I know just who you are

It takes a lot of strength

It’s a lot to put myself through

And, Mom, I just wish I’d met you


I try to walk in your shoes, but I cannot find the strength

I try to do what you do, but I cannot get through

I try to be who you are, but I am not you




I recommend Shadow Poetry.  They have a really nice little ditty on sestinas under poetry types; I found it most wonderful. So... thank you, Shadow Poetry.  You're really helpful.


The End

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