I see you walking from way afar
I can't see what you are.
Are you a man? A hero? A villain?
A king, a peasant, a beggar woman?
And. Is your mind what your body is?
Is your body what your mind wants to be?

If you are, what you want to be,
Why, have you come to me from afar
With a sad old smile, a grin that is
Making me make up my mind that you are
A haunted person, who has a villain
In their story of life, but no beautiful woman.

I see you have the heart of a man, not a woman,
Or, at least, not what men think women to be,
You definitely aren't a villain,
But something has made you come from afar.
I see that your mind is haunted, you are
Chased around by the memory that is...

Wait, what is it? You refuse to tell me what is
The reason for you to come, to me, a woman
Is that it? Is that what you are?
A man with the need of a woman to be
His savior, to save him from his villain?
To search for that? You came from afar?

You came to me from afar,
To get, what you think is
The remedy, to escape the villain
Namely, you say, a woman
Who will  volunteer to be
The saving grace for what you are?

Okay, then, I'll save who you are
The being who has come from afar.
I will promise to be
The hero of your story, that is
The story of a man, chased by a villain.
Who then is saved by a woman.

Is this woman who you wanted?
Did I disappoint the traveler from afar
Did I save who you are, from the villain, did I be who I promised to be?

The End

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