Losing Keys In Snow

You left me standing in the snow,

My words devoured by the stars.

I closed my eyes and let you go,

Locking my soul behind skin bars.

I was a lock without a key,

An island in a pure white sea.


My body took me to the sea,

To our beach now sanded with snow.

The waves were singing way off key,

Like drunken karaoke stars;

The wind beat me with unseen bars,

But my feet would not let me go.


I watched the black tide come and go

As my tears returned to the sea.

I wanted to strengthen my bars,

To fill my veins with melted snow;

But my soul yearned to join the stars,

To leave and throw away the key.


But I no longer held the key -

It’s with you wherever you go.

I remained distant from the stars,

Standing far too near to the sea,

While oh so steadily the snow

Made all too real my prison bars.


With feet as heavy as gold bars,

I began to see that my key

Would not be found within the snow.

There was only one place to go:

The arms of the welcoming sea,

Waiting for me beneath the stars.


Gaining strength from the watching stars,

I broke free from my icy bars.

I ran screaming into the sea,

Finding at last my freezing key.

Waves whispered to me where to go,

In that eternal falling snow.


The stars smiled as I let you go,

The sea laughed as it smashed my bars.

My key was lost in that night’s snow.

The End

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