Would-be self

This is about some body who can't let their true feelings come out, and won't let who they really are show. So they are calling out for their would-be self, and yet nothing happens, and then they yell, "I am here!" and something begins to happen, that person begins to cry, and they have finally let it out, to somebody they can cry to, and free their feelings to. They finally have let their would-be self through, they've finally called for it to the highest point.

By my sight it reflects

From others eyes

I regret

To be hiding beyond another's mind

Wishing to be so much more

Than putting my would-be self behind

Can't remember if I cry

I am strong

And I lie

Hold in every single tear

Would be self, I am here!

My tears begin to overflow

Cheeks turn red

My heart will glow

I've finally let you through

Would-be self

I've found someone I can cry to

The End

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