Worthy of Only the Ex

A poem on deciding on whether to go back to an ex

Closer than before

Keeping me in store?

Are you using me

to cushion the blow

Telling me baby were still meant to be

No matter how slow I have to go

But even though I know you are so wrong

My heart cant let go

Remembering all those songs

Thinking of all those times

Treating this love as if its a crime

On trial

I cant go back to before

But I swear you gave me a venoumous vile

Frozen, I can't go back to the same patterns

My heart stopping I cant move on

If i try again

Is it because you changed?

If I go back

Is it because I feel only worthy to you? 

Or is it because I truly loved you with fire foolishness in my heart and mind?

The End

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