Worth Less Than What He Can Offer

You persistently make me feel like my words are worthless

Your perseverance through my losing shouts, leaves me confused

You perpetrate through everything I use to keep you at arms-length 

And I've tried to drop you so many times that I've lost count. 


Then theres you who constantly stays in my peripheral 

You inconsistently make me feel like I'm where I should be

Your compulsive need to be right, makes my voice hoarse 

I have a compulsion when it comes to your performances. 


Some days I find it necessary to keep you both close 

Because you both want one thing from me

But other days, I think of ways



But today I'm kicking the thoughts 

Of keeping the one who cares

Because I'm worth...

So much less....

Than what he can offer me. 

The End

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