Worry Poems

A Collection of poetry based on concern, anxiety, and just plain worry. Sometimes over something, for someone or juat random.

Paranoia Keeps You Safe

I feel my breath run away from me
as the anxiety builds up
nagging my mind
of all it wishes to forget...
I watch you close in fear
hoping it applies not to you
and pray your safe
safer than me...
I link your arm shaking
like a leaf but hold you tight
and I direct you away
away from the danger
whatever it maybe...
After a ways, I feel something  ominous
and shove you aside.
"Run!" I scream
and watch you flee for your life...
I stay.
I stay to fight.
I stand shallowly tall in mock confidence
and think again of you
sighing in relief,
knowing you're alright...

The End

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