A poem that shows what worry really is and the cure for it.


                                             Worry is a word that everyone hears

                                   They feel it inside filling the head with emotions

                                       Anger  and sadness makes the body confused

                                       Like a battlefield we feel it in everyday life

                                                  How will I support my family

                                     My bills are over piling and there is no money left

                                              Too much homework I cant stand it

                                        No education or possible way to get into a good school

                                                          Bad thoughts fill your mind

                                     Negative bad thoughts that makes you wonder if your really you

                                     Hurtful thoughts that makes you depressed and sulk in your bed

                                       Feeling guilty and worried over dumb things


                                                 The only cure is to put your chin up high

                                      Praise the Lord for what he has blessed you

                                     Even if it isn't as much as you wanted

                                    Laugh at the devil and his manipulative thoughts and he'll go away


The End

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